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Matt Lewis

Owner/Certified Arborist

What should people NEVER do when tending to their trees?

  • Don't trim oak trees from May 1st to September 30th because they may spread disease.
  • Make sure the company you hire has the correct insurance (liability and workman's comp). Keep in mind that health insurance isn't workman's comp when asking.
  • Do not plant species of a tree that will grow to be over 12'' in diameter within 15 feet of the house.

What can you do to keep your trees and plants healthy?

  • Keep your trees trimmed.
  • Plant trees that will shade your yard. The residual effect from the shade will help reduce your cost of utilities in the summer months.
  • Keep trees from rubbing up against your home, the life of your windows, sidings and screens will be longer.
  • Be sure that trees around power lines are properly trimmed.
  • It is better to trim a dead branch out of a tree rather than letting it fall out naturally.
  • If you have a dead tree, do not wait to call for assistance with removal. The longer a dead tree remains at its location, the more complicated the removal process becomes; the end result is increased cost for removal.